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So, Ive been wanting to do a good album comparison for a while, and finally sat down to do it! 🙂
As you all know, I am a product photographer.
I love creating-seeing-providing beautiful custom artwork for each of my clients

Everything I create and provide for you is guaranteed  impossible to recreate
There are a lot of people who question and think “well I could make that myself, just give me the digitals”
But they are wrong!
Sorry 😉

All of these products are from the best professional companies around, companies that arent available to just anyone and everyone.
Their quality blows consumer labs out of the water!

Here are a few visual examples of what I provide to you versus what you can make yourself!

This is one of my favorite Senior Products, its one of the most popular items!
The 8×8 Senior Album

Both of these albums are 8×8 in size, and have 20 pages.

The one on the left is made by PixelPicture or something like that. I ran across their company through a Groupon ad
I paid $19.99 plus shipping and handling
This album included a black leather cover and 20 pages to customize.

The one of the right is made by my professional lab.
Also 20 pages.
My album is 100% custom, my client chose the fusion cover. Which (as shown) includes a fabric and photo.
She chose a beautiful Chocolate Silk fabric and one of her favorite portraits.

The first three photos are the Consumer Lab. The pages are like paper and look like a magazine with the bubbled curve when opened.

The bottom right photo is my album, that has sturdy pages and lays flat when opened.

FleahmanPhotographyEnterpriseALPhotographer_0306 FleahmanPhotographyEnterpriseALPhotographer_0307

The top photos, Consumer lab.

Bottom photos, My Lab.


A side by side comparison between the consumer lab (left) and my lab (right)
The pages are so thin. Equivalent to printer paper. Not even a photo paper or light card stock. I couldnt even photograph the page because the page was too tiny. lol
Idk about you, but I caint even tell you how easy it is for me to accidentally rip a page when flipping through the Cosmo at the Dr’s office.
Why would anyone want that from their album?


The top is the cosumer lab.

The bottom is My Lab.

There is just NO comparison here. I mean, really? Look at that!
Remember, both of these books are 20 paged 8×8 books.

FleahmanPhotographyEnterpriseALPhotographer_0311 FleahmanPhotographyEnterpriseALPhotographer_0312

Its kind of funny, when I ordered the consumer book through groupon, I totally forgot about it. It took a while to get here and I just completely forgot I even placed the order.
I wasnt home when it arrived, but my husband was. He called me on the phone and told me that my album was here, I was excited and told him to open it.
As I was on the phone I could hear his ackward-ness as he said, “umm.. this looks different?”
I totally started to freak out and question him, “what do you mean!! What does it look like? Whats wrong! Send me a picture!!”

He told me that this album was really crappy and it looked so thin and like paper. He said “babe, this doesnt look like it normally does, something is wrong!”

It wasnt until I seen the pictures he text me that I remembered what this was! This was the “cheap” album!

It was comical to hear him talk about it like that.

I hope this has helped visually to see what the differences are when it comes to professional products.



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